>October 2019
17: Amnesty International London,
with live streaming in all Regional Offices of Amnesty worldwide.
25/26: Amsterdam.

>November 2019
5th Harvard, Boston, USA.

>December 2019
10th OMCT Geneva, Hebrew University Jerusalem.
OHCHR Field Offices. 

>January 2020
23rd: Leiden University in The Hague.
17hs - 19hs

Many more are to be confirmed. Keep an eye on our website.

Are you interested in organising a screening?
Please contact us at (Nadja Houben) for more details.

“Nigel’s actions were always deliberate and reflected his true passion for the advancement of human rights, as well as his sheer intellect.” / Prof. McGregor (Director Human Rights Centre, University of Essex).

Inspired by the life of the late Nigel Rodley— one of the principal architects of the modern human rights framework— the documentary The Long Haul addresses the current backlash on human rights and how best to respond. Through a worldwide outreach of screenings, The Long Haul seeks to foster debate on the current backlash and to create a space to think, reflect and strategise on our future.

Our outreach program

We want to stimulate the discussion about the future of human rights world wide. For us, reaching out to our audiences, is the most important part of the project. At each screening we follow the same format: Introduction, film, debate, reporting back the outcome of the debate to us. We have designed feedback cards that work in the following way:

At the screening two questions are asked (formulated in a very general way as not to influence the answers):
question 1:
 what are your thoughts about what you just saw?
question 2:
what are your thoughts about the future of human rights?

We divide the audience in 7 groups and have 7 feedback cards and ask organisers to distribute them before people see the film. Alternatively you can fill in the questionnaire on this website. After a year of touring with the film, the feedback we received from different regions in the world will be analysed and shared with you.

The Long Haul is now available in English and Spanish. French, Arabic and Portuguese will hopefully soon follow. We are fundraising for that.

To also bring our Outreach Program to the smallest towns and communities in the world, we ask for your help: please share this project within your networks and consider making a donation. Thank you! 


The Long Haul is a documentary by Victor Fokke, produced by Human Rights in the Picture, with the support of the University of Essex, the IBA, Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights and many private donors and NGOs world wide.

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